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Day: September 27, 2021

Are Energy-efficient Garage Doors Worth Investing In?

Energy-efficient garage doors are available in various materials, such as steel, vinyl, fibreglass, or wood. The question is whether it’s wise to invest in these doors or not. Yes, it’s better to invest in an energy-efficient garage door because of the benefits it provides. Here are a few reasons why car owners should install energy-efficient doors in their garage.

Provide warmth to your car in winter

A cold engine can take time to warm up, thus delaying you from starting the car and taking off. With an energy-efficient garage door, you don’t need to think of such things because it can keep your car warm in the winter. Moreover, you won’t get inside a freezing car. Instead, the interior will be warm and cozy, allowing you to drive comfortably. 

Tune your car comfortably

Some people love to tune their cars in their garages. Energy-efficient garage doors ensure that the garage remains cool during summer and warm during winter. This allows you to use the garage as an additional room, or you can convert it into a man cave or gym later. 

Keep energy bills down

An uninsulated garage door allows cold air to enter the garage through cracks in walls, vents, and entryways easily. You may need to use a heater in the garage to keep your car warm, meaning paying an additional energy bill at the end of each month. It’s possible to cut down that energy bill, provided you replace your current garage doors with energy-efficient doors. They will keep the garage warm during winter, thus not requiring you to use an additional heater.

Types of energy-efficient garage doors

There are three types of energy-efficient garage doors, and you can choose one depending on the size of your garage and your budget.

• Single-layered door

• Double-layered door

• Triple-layered door

Single-layered doors are the most cost-effective, but they don’t provide as much energy efficiency as double or triple-layered doors. Double and triple-layered doors come with polystyrene insulation that provides maximum energy efficiency. Polystyrene insulation uses a liquid foam that fills up the gaps left after installing the garage door. The R-value of double and triple-layered doors is more than double compared to traditional insulation.

In addition to polystyrene insulation, the material of the door also plays a crucial role in providing energy efficiency. Some of the common materials, such as vinyl, steel, fibreglass, and aluminium don’t have naturally insulating properties. Instead, they have high thermal efficiency, meaning they can retain energy efficiency if you use a triple-layered door. On the other hand, wood is a naturally insulating material, but it’s not the best when it comes to wet or cold environments as it can warp over time.

If you are looking to install energy-efficient garage doors, make sure they have at least an R-11 value. The more the better. You can also refer to the U-value, which should range between 0 and 1. In this case, the lower the U-value, the better it is for the door. Keeping these factors in mind should help you pick the best energy-efficient door for your garage, and make your investment worth every penny. It is also worth asking for information from reliable automatic garage door specialists Sydney as to which brands, makes and models to opt for or which ones are the most durable.…